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I had asked Lakshmi to make me a homeopathic first aid kit before I went to India because I was so nervous about all the things that could go wrong when traveling, especially because it was my first time going overseas! I was particularly worried about getting a stomach bug, which I had heard from friends to be a hinderance on their time in India as well as when they got back home. Having a homoeopathic first aid kit was one of the most valuable things i took traveling...it gave me a sense of security and helped me out in a few tight spots which meant I could enjoy more of my holiday. I was able to help others out who were unwell too, because their dosing are so simple. And I still use it a lot now that I'm home! Thanks Lakshmi!
-G.O, Melbourne

I have known Lakshmi for a number of years now and have always been impressed by her professionalism, integrity and exceptional medical knowledge.
On many occasions I have referred patients to Lakshmi with various complaints but the most important referral was that of a close family member suffering from DVT. We have had a very successful outcome and the condition is now resolved both physically and also emotionally.
I have found that homeopathy was also very helpful with my son's eczema especially at times of stress, such as exam periods.
Having worked in the sporting field I have also used widely the homeopathic remedies for acute injuries and will continue to do so as I see the remarkable results first hand.
-Dr. Elizabeth Walker (Musculoskeletal practitioner/ Chiropractor/ Nutritionist)

I visited Lakshmi Subramanian at clinic in Carrum Downs about a year ago. I have never used any type of homeopathy treatment before and have to admit I was quite dubious; however I had encountered Lakshmi as a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine where I am a Naturopathy student and had been very impressed with her scientific knowledge and commitment to holistic health.
All my life I have been prone to getting urinary tract infections and thrush outbreaks about every three to six months. They usually came at the same time when I was either run down, stressed or both. The magic little white pills have eliminated this painful and inconvenient occurrence from ever happening again. It has been such a relief.
Lakshmi also mentioned crystal healing for a small scar I had contracted after my tubal ligation. After just one treatment the scar is hardly noticeable. It faded from a deep pink to white and reduced in thickness over the course of about three months.
I would highly recommend Lakshmi for her professionalism and efficacy of results to anyone who has tried everything else and actually wants some positive relief from an ailment.
-Constance Russell (Nutritionist)

Recently the tension headache I had vanished after taking Lakshmi’s remedies. Nothing else I tried including medicinal pain killers had worked. I highly recommend Lakshmi’s remedies.

“I regularly visit Lakshmi for her spiritual healing and foot detox. She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her spiritual healing takes all tension and anxiety away as I drift off as all my cares and worries float away. I have also used the foot detox on several occasions. I felt like my body was light and free of all toxins. I felt fully rejuvenated.”

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