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At Prana For You we specialise in a highly effective and non-invasive means of pain relief treatment by using a small device called SCENAR. The RITM SCENAR device used in our clinic  is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device ( ARTG ID:140659, ARTG ID:164651), listed for use in pain management and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR) was developed by a team of 40 Russian scientists, for pain relief in cosmonauts who were in space for long periods. SCENAR employs sophisticated software program (with elements of Artificial Intelligence) that automatically changes the signal waveforms and frequencies to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation. SCENAR combines skin impedance measuring functions along with real-time feedback and constant adjustment to deliver just the correct type and amount of electrical impulses to the body.

SCENAR stimulates the nervous system to produce its regulatory peptides, thereby prompting the body to heal itself. These peptides lasts for several hours therefore the healing process continues long after the treatment is over. During treatment the client feels a gentle stroking or tingling sensation. The SCENAR device is run over the spine, abdomen, infected area or other relevant portion of bare skin. 

At our clinic we combine SCENAR with NES body scan and Homoeopathy to help further accelerate the healing process.

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